Global Leading Company
with Core Competitiveness

Growing into a trustworthy and innovative global design group capable of full package service of design, supervision, and implementation.

AA Archigroup, which is starting anew, aims to become the No. 1 in the domestic industry in terms of sales by 2027 and grow into a global design company. To this end, based on the management philosophy of ‘trust’ and ‘innovation’, we will create a new paradigm in architecture by establishing an AA Chain of design-construction management (CM)/supervision-development projects.

First of all, by establishing a future strategy to build a growth engine for 'Vision 2027', based on the best design capabilities, we will expand the number of orders for residential and general facilities, while at the same time strengthening the connection and trust with Hyundai Motor Group, we will do our best to win orders for industrial facilities.

With accumulated industrial facility design technology and experience, we have expanded our business area and strengthened our design area and sales capabilities to accelerate winning contracts for designing apartments and general buildings from public institutions, contractors, and developers that have been weak in the past. We will use the separation from the Hyundai Motor Group as an opportunity for blessings.

At the same time, in order to expand sales in the supervision sector, which was weak compared to competitors, we will acquire a supervision company with a track record and recruit talented people to increase our ability to win orders.

In addition, we will actively participate in low-risk ‘implementation’ projects promoted by public corporations. We will promote implementation projects in collaboration with public corporations such as Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH Corporation) and Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation (SH Corporation) to develop it into a blue ocean that can overcome the limitations of design offices.

The driving force behind the success of ‘Vision 2027’ is people. We will secure excellent employees through fair evaluation, compensation, and welfare programs, and achieve harmony among employees through smooth and active communication. With trust and innovation, we will continue to research and collaborate with experts in each field to become a world-class design group that expands its creative capabilities.

CEO of AA Archigroup 김길상 대표이사 서명