Corporate Name
Authentic Aura Art & Architecture / Architecture Ability
Above All / All about Architecture

AA Archigroup's mission encompasses the commitment to delivering industry-leading results through the application of cutting-edge technology, coupled with the genuine dedication of our members towards every aspect of architecture. As a comprehensive Art & Architecture Group, we strive to instill trust in our customers by pursuing straight A'all aspects including design, service, and reliability.

Letter 'A' symbolizes the inherent beauty found in the structural stability. 'A', which is the representative initial of Architecture/Art and Ace/A class is the excellent company name reminiscent of the image of our field.

Design Concept
CI design 이미지
Art & Architecture / Architecture Ability Above All / All about Architecture

AA Archigroup is an innovative global design company that leads the market with more competitive design based on the trust built with technological knowledge. Our identity is visually represented by the word mark 'AA'.

The boldly ascending two strokes represent AA Archigroup's will to create values beyond architecture and the progressive and active attitude of group members. The two straight vertical strokes signify strong mental power and drive. The precise and stable bold design expresses AA Archigroup, which is trusted and recognized by customers.

  • Signature
    AA Archigroup
  • Korean type
    AA 아키그룹
    AA 아키그룹 건축사사무소
  • AA Archigroup Red

    Pantone 221 C
    C25 M100 Y50 K10
    R180 G10 B80

  • AA Archigroup Deep Red

    Pantone 222 C
    C30 M100 Y50 K30
    R146 G3 B65

  • AA Archigroup Dark Gray

    Pantone 446 C
    C0 M0 Y0 K75
    R75 G75 B75

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