Recruit Personnel system

Ideal talent
  • Challenge

    Talent who is not afraid of failure and actively
    pursues work with conviction and will

  • Creative

    Talent who always looks at problems from
    a new perspective and applies creative
    thinking and behavior to practice

  • Passion

    Talent who devotes themselves to the
    company and customers based on a sense
    of ownership and responsibility

  • Cooperation

    Talent who shares the direction with other
    organizations and communicates actively with
    others based on an open mind

  • Global Mind

    Talent who develops expertise by utilizing global
    networks based on understanding of other cultures and respect for diversity

Ranking system
Senior manager Manager G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 Senior manager Manager G1 G4 G2 G5 G3 G6
Evaluation and promotion system
  • Evaluation system

    In order to strengthen performance-oriented stance and reflect and realize the group's core values, we conduct an annual evaluation by classifying them into performance and capabilities. (Evaluation results are used in all areas of personnel management, such as promotion and compensation)

  • promotion system

    We operate a promotion point system to determine the basic qualifications of candidates for promotion by assigning points according to the evaluation results and to improve the predictability of employees' promotion.

Compensation system
  1. Basic salary

    Salary in the nature of living security, maintenance of wage competitiveness outside the company

  2. Allowance

    Qualification allowance, domestic site allowance, overseas site allowance, etc.

  3. Performance bonus

    Discrimination in reward based on performance